Sharpham Estate

Sharpham Estate Rooftop Solar

Sharpham Estate 50kw PV Hanwha panels Danfoss 15kW inverters.

Sharpham estate were looking to increase their farm infrastructure. Installing a 50kW solar array allowed them to use the future income stream of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and the export tarriff to build a large south facing cattle barn. This is the second 50 kW system they have on the estate.

PV System Description A turn-key solar PV system based on 204 poly-crystalline Q-Cells Q.PRO G2 245W modules, three Danfoss TLX 15k inverters and a MHH novotegra mounting system
Nominal DC System Power 49.98 kWp
Expected generation 46,470 kWh (AC output from the inverter)
Directly consumed 1,395 kWh (3%)

The benefits

Over the 20 years of government supported Feed-in Tariff the Sharpham Estate can expect: